6 Top Scams to Watch Out for in 2024Read More.

Assisted Living

Track a Loved One Who Wanders
Ways to keep track of someone with Alzheimer’s disease. See this Q & A.

Properly dispose of your prescription drugs
Most of us are working with families who have old prescription drugs to dispose of (or we do ourselves). Here is a good way to handle it.

Tips as You Merge Your Home with an Elderly Relative
What originally was to be a temporary situation has blossomed into a multigenerational household. Read these tips based on one families experience.

The Health Risk for Caregivers
A Population at Risk. Learn about the risk factors caregivers face.

Eight Questions To Ask Before Buying Into A Senior Community
This article explains a continuing care retirement community requires a big investment and a lot of research.

Winning Veterans’ Trust, and Profiting From It
Questionable actors are capitalizing on loose oversight to unlock the V.A. money and enrich themselves, sometimes at veterans’ expense. See Article.

End of Life

Our unrealistic attitudes about death, through a doctor’s eyes
In elderly patients with a web of medical conditions, the potential complications of any therapy are often large and the benefits small. See Article.

Implanted Defibrillator Can Shock the Dying
This article is regarding end-of-life issues and deactivating an implanted defibrillator.

Funeral Planning
Search for “Funerals: A Consumer Guide”.
You can find a good publication called “Before I Go, You Should Know”.

See this simple PDF as a guideline for creating a handwritten memorandum for tangible personal property distributions. The second and third pages are examples of how to do or not do the hadwriten memorandum.

General Information

Learn about “Ethical Wills:”
Why you may want one, how to write one. Visit:

Scams: A Sucker Retires Every Minute
More retirees are being targeted by financial fraudsters. Often, these scammers are themselves elderly. Read the article.

When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Income At 62
Financial decisions are rarely cut and dry since rules don’t necessarily apply to every situation. Read more.

Download The 2014 Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors
This is the first handbook of its kind in over 10 years, and those of us who worked on it are very happy to make it available to anyone who wants to download it.  Learn more…

Insurance and Medicare

Why some Medicare Advantage plans will get skimpier and costlier.
Read More.

Can you pay for your elderly parent’s care?
Son Hit With Aging Parent’s $93K Nursing Home Bill. Read more.

Take AARP’s Driver Safety Course
You may be able to reduce your automobile insurance costs by taking an AARP sponsored driving course. For more information, such as the location of a class near you, go here.

Medicare 2011 drug plan news
Review your 2011 coverage options before you renew your plan. Read more.

Health Care Reform Long Term Care Insurance
This article reveals how Health Care Reform impacts your long term health insurance coverage.

Questions about Medicare and the new Health Law?
This informative PDF lists improvements to Medicare through the Affordable Care Act passed by congress.

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